Your Life, Your Legacy Preplanning Workshops

Preplanning final arrangements is a wise decision that shows you care. It helps to ease the emotional and financial burdens many families face when dealing with one of life’s most stressful, yet inevitable events—the death of a loved one. In Dignity Memorial’s “Your Life, Your Legacy” Preplanning Seminars, expert professionals review the benefits and steps to best prepare your family.

“Your Life, Your Legacy” Preplanning Seminars are a great start to a must-have conversation. In an unpressured environment with free advice, a complimentary meal, and no obligation learn with your spouse, adult family member, or friend important details to make the most informed decisions for your family in advance.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about our family, travel, and Veteran benefits relating to funeral, cremation, and burial by filling out the quick interest form below to reserve your seat. It’s our honor to serve you.

Schedule a Workshop

Would your group or organization prefer an exclusive opportunity to learn the benefits of preplanning final arrangements? No problem. Our expert professionals can facilitate a free informational workshop for you and your peers at your location or ours. At no cost or administration to you, we offer resources to provide your members and member families present and future peace of mind. We believe helping each other is what community is about and we appreciate the invitation to connect. Please fill out the quick interest form below to schedule a workshop.